Guide to the Chicago Riverwalk

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Chicago Riverwalk - Chicago's Second Shoreline
Chicago Riverwalk Map
Chicago Riverwalk Map - Mobile
Chicago Riverwalk - Riverbank

› Riverbank

The Riverwalk comes alive at this stunningly beautiful confluence of the three branches of the Chicago River. The promenade offers an accessible walkway between lower and upper Wacker Drive, public lawn space, floating gardens, and amazing views.

Chicago Riverwalk - Jetty

> Jetty

Learn about the environment and ecology of the Chicago River at the interactive Jetty portion of the Riverwalk. A series of piers and floating gardens provide an educational environment, amid a serene and scenic overlook of the river. You can even fish in this section, make sure to have the necessary permit.

Chicago Riverwalk - Water Plaza

› Water Plaza

A family friendly zone designed to inspire and entertain children and adults. Featuring an array of bubbling and jumping water fountains, set in a zero-depth pool, this section makes water come alive. This section receives the most continuous sunlight of any section of the riverwalk.

Chicago Riverwalk - River Theater

› River Theater

A staircase like no other, this section of the Riverwalk provides connectivity to the river’s edge, as well as numerous seating options. It’s elegance is outdone only by its functionality. Performers and shows of all types take place at the theater – there have even been barge concerts and floating museum exhibits.

Chicago Riverwalk - Cove

› Cove

Experience the Chicago River like never before, by renting a kayak in this section of the Riverwalk. With other areas to enjoy a snack, The Cove provides for a human connection to the great Chicago River. On a beautiful day, you can see human-powered watercraft like kayaks tie up at the water’s edge.

Chicago Riverwalk - Marina

› Marina

This plaza of the Riverwalk connects the newest sections, with the tribute to the sacrifices of the armed services with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which opened in 2005. This is an ideal section to eat or sit and observe the vibrant Chicago River. Watch as barges, yachts, water taxis, kayakers and other boats pass by on a bustling day on the river.