Chicago Tribune LogoFrom Morgan Smith at the Chicago Tribune

“If you’re strolling along the Chicago Riverwalk this summer, you’ll notice a vibrant new colossus guarding the Lake Street drawbridge.

“Black Tibernius,” a massive, three-piece installation will add color to the Riverwalk, as well as break up the monotony of riverfront eateries and boat stops. The work, by Chicago artist Robert Burnier, is part of an initiative by the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE)…

Burnier found inspiration in Chicago’s present, too. He says the first completed structure, a mustard-yellow behemoth, was inspired by the yellow coloring of municipal buildings and construction equipment around Chicago. But the translucence of the sheer nylon and its sensitivity to light allow for fun shadow play, depending on the time of day.

Mason noticed this effect while he and Burnier were setting the work up on Monday. “In the morning the view from Wacker Drive has great shadows, he says. “But at dusk, the light shifting across the piece gives Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series a run for its money.”

Burnier noticed that the mid-morning light streaming between 333 Wacker Dr. and its neighbor creates a thin spotlight on the piece that extends to the river behind it. For the best viewing experience, Burnier encourages people to view the art during this time of day — and perhaps brushing up on your Roman mythology.”

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